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AME Lawnmowing prides themselves on providing excellent customer service. Whether its mowing or edging your lawn, pruning your trees, maintaining your garden or trimming your hedges, AME guarantees customer satisfaction.

Fast & Reliable

From a small lawn mowing job, to maintaining a large garden, you can rely on AME to do the job quickly and professionally allowing you to enjoy your garden.


Having many years in the lawn mowing industry, AME guarantees a fast, clean and professional service for all of your lawn and garden maintenance needs.

Lawn Mowing Contractors | Garden Care Services

AME Lawn Mowing & Garden Care do much more than just lawn mowing. We also specialise in lawn edging, dethatching, aerating and lawn repair as well as a full range of Garden Care services including hedge trimming, tree pruning and weeding.

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Lawn Mowing Services

  • Lawn Mowing

    Professional lawn mowing of all types of lawns including buffalo, couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia

  • Verti Mowing

    Verti Mowing is essential for all lawns as it removes excess thatch that builds on top of the grass which typically blocks 75% of water that runs to the roots of the grass.

  • Lawn Dethatching

    Lawn dethatching needs to be done regularly to enable water, nutrients and fertiliser to penetrate the root zone. Lawn dethatching also allows your lawn to drain more effectively creating a healthier lawn overall.

  • Lawn Edging

    Lawn edging along driveways, roads, garden beds and fence lines. Lawn edging is essential if you want your lawn looking its best.

Garden Care Services

  • Garden Fertilising

    Garden fertilisers are a key way to improve your gardens health and growth. Contact AME today if you need assistance in fertilising your garden.

  • Weeding

    Weeds in a garden not only look unsightly, they also take much needed nutrients from the soil that your other plants need. We can remove the weeds, making your gardens look their best.

  • Mulching

    During the hotter months, your garden beds require mulch to retain moisture as well as stopping weeds from growing.

  • Hedging

    Hedges can provide privacy from a busy street or create zones within your garden. Having a well maintained hedge can give your home or garden that WOW factor.

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